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Your real IP address is hidden, so your online activity cannot be tracked. Our strict zero-logs policy keeps your identity secret. Order a service and protect yourself online.

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    Safe access to all the content you love, e.g. Netflix, HBO Go etc.

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    Watch, Download any content at high speed

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It takes more than just a web browser to go incognito. We will make your IP address disappear. All you need to do is purchase our VPN service

Monthly Plan

from 19,99 PLN /month

14,99 monthly

You save 0%

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Quarterly Plan

from 49,99 PLN /quarter

13,66 monthly

You save 10%

  • Test for 7 days
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Annual Plan

from 189,99 PLN /year

10,36 monthly

You save 30%

  • Test for 7 days
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Private Network

A Virtual Private Network is a great solution for people using Public WiFi Hotspots (e.g. in a cafe, at an airport). Open networks are a haven for cybercriminals who can easily intercept the data you send. Polish-VPN.pl encrypts your connections and prevents the interception of information such as login or password to your bank.

How do I get started?

It's simple. Choose your plan, install the software and enjoy.
The configuration files and instructions are available in the client panel.

Will I be able to watch Netfilx, HBO Go or Polsat BOX via VPN?

What devices can I run VPN on?

I am using Mobile Internet and would like to access Cameras. Is it possible?

Global Reach

We are young on the market and just getting started. However, we can already offer a VPN available in Poland, Germany, France, Great Britain, the Czech Republic and Italy.

I will not be playing all over Europe, but in the world in the third quarter of this year.


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