Terms of Service Polish-VPN.pl

§ 1 General

1. Polish-VPN.pl service providing access to the global Internet network via servers VPN, available at https://www.polish-vpn.pl/, is provided by CUI based in Solidarności 68/121,00-240 Warszawa Tax ID 8862419250 - Poland

2. These regulations are addressed to Consumers and define the rules and procedure for concluding The consumer of the Distance Sale Agreement and the terms of use of the service provided by Provider.

§ 2 Definitions

1. Provider - The service provider is CUI based in Solidarności 68/121, 00-240 Warszawa - Poland

2. Client - A natural person using the Supplier's services, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer".

3. Access data - Access data include login and password, configuration file, certificates that are necessary to compile connection to the server and customer authorization in the system.

4. Provider's network infrastructure - Each physical and logical device that resides in the Provider's network.

§ 3 Terms of Service

1. The service is started automatically (immediately) after topping up the account and selecting the service and its duration. In the event of technical problems with the launch of the service against which The provider has no influence, the time it takes to start the service may be longer. In the event of technical problems with the launch of the service on the Customer's device, contact the Supplier to find a solution to the problem at: bok@polish-vpn.pl The provider, if necessary, enables Remote configuration of the service on the Customer's device. Remote configuration of the service on the Customer's device is provided only as agreed by both parties (Customer and Supplier) at a convenient time, using trusted remote software technical support.

2. The access data and the software needed to authorize the Client on the server are provided automatically generated and available in the customer panel after logging in. The process is extended to 24h for reasons independent of the Supplier (e.g. there has been a break in the operation of the machine for handling orders).

3. The received Service access data is the property of the Provider. The customer is not authorized to share them with third parties.

4. Client using the VPN provided by the Provider, using the resources of the Internet, is obliged to comply with the law in force in the territory of the Republic of Poland. It is forbidden to download and share files via VPN, to which the customer cannot owns or is copyrighted. It is also not allowed to visit websites containing content inconsistent with the law of the Republic of Poland.

5. The Customer is not allowed to attempt to obtain illegal access to the infrastructure the Supplier's network and attempts to take control of the Supplier's network infrastructure.

6. The Customer is not allowed to attempt to gain illegal access and control to infrastructure of networks or servers located in the Internet, not belonging to the Client.

7. The Customer is forbidden to take actions aimed at violating the correct rules functioning and security of the Supplier's network infrastructure.

8. In the event of failure to comply with the regulations, the Supplier has the right to immediately termination of the contract with the Customer and / or take appropriate legal actions against the situation.

§ 5 Payments

1. The customer can make the payment by bank transfer to the supplier's account or via online payments provided by hotpay.pl or www.paysera.com

2. When making Payments via hotpay.pl, the customer is required to read:

  • Regulations for payment service customers
  • Terms of the Customer Protection Program
  • Customer Protection Program - Instructions for the Consumer
  • Regulations for Premium Rate SMS customers
  • Privacy Policy
  • 3. When making Payments via paysera.com, the client is obliged to read terms of service

    § 6 Personal data

    1. Customer's personal data is processed by the Provider (Personal Data Administrator) on the need to provide services. Customer's personal data is not transferred anywhere, but used only by the Provider for the provision of services.

    2. By entering into an agreement with the Provider, the Customer agrees to send messages by e-mail regarding the purchased service.

    3. The customer has access to the transferred personal data (through customer panels)

    4. The Provider does not verify the correctness of the Personal Data provided by the Customer.

    5. The provider does not store or record any logs of VPN user activity in the network.

    6. The provider on the website https://polish-vpn.pl/ uses the Google Analytics tool, necessary for the proper functioning of the website. The viewer data collected is Country, Date of visit, Source of visits, and Session length. These data are not associated with a specific one user, and are used only for analytical purposes and are not shared with third parties. In the absence of consent to the processing of the above-mentioned data, the website visitor can install browser add-on that blocks Google Analytics, available at: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/?hl=pl

    7. In matters related to personal data, you can contact the Provider at the address by email bok@polish-vpn.pl with [Personal Data] in the message header.

    § 6 Complaints and withdrawal from the Agreement

    1. The supplier undertakes to make every effort not to resolve the complaint problem exceeded 24-48h.

    2. A complaint may be submitted in writing by sending it to the e-mail address: bok@polish-vpn.pl, Or by telephone on the number: .

    3. The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the conclusion of the contract. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the Supplier will consider the request within 14 days.

    § 7 Final Provisions

    1. The Supplier reserves the right to amend the Regulations to the extent permitted by applicable law. The changes come into force 14 days after they are published on the website: http://www.polish-vpn.pl/documents/regulamin

    2. The customer has the right not to accept the changes made, about which he should inform the supplier by e-mail to the following address: bok@polish-vpn.pl, 09-210 Drobin, or by phone at number: . In this case, the contract is terminated at the end of the settlement period in which the Supplier received information from the Customer about the non-acceptance of the amendments to the Regulations.

    3. The above regulations come into force on the day of their publication, ie January 18, 2022.